5 Signs She Is Blowing You Off

Here are five signs a woman is blowing you off.

1. She mentions a boyfriend AND she does not flirt back.

If a woman mentions her boyfriend when you attempt to flirt with her, it's a sign she probably wants to be left alone. If she keeps flirting back, however, then she *could* be attracted to you.

2. She ignores your emails completely.
If she never replies to your email, you can bet she is blowing you off.

3. She sends you one-word answers to your emails.
A woman with a high interest level will not give you one-word answers when she responds to your email. It is a major indicator that she is not interested. Keep bugging her with more emails, and eventually she will stop answering them completely.

4. She still won't come over for dinner after a few dates.
A woman with a high interest level will love to come over for dinner - even if she does not expect to have sex. In fact, if a woman is interested enough, she probably won't mind cooking dinner with you or for you!

5. She tells you "maybe" when you suggest doing something 2 weeks in the future.
A woman with a high interest level will not say "maybe" when she has not even scheduled so far away yet. Instead, she will say "yes" and then fit her schedule AROUND you.

So...what do you do if a woman blows you off?

Well, honestly, by the time a woman blows you off, it's usually over. The resistance point isn't at when she blows you off. It's at BEFORE you make a move and she blows you off.

If a woman blows you off, there are two possibilities. One is that you're not her type or she is loyal to her boyfriend. The other is that she is not attracted enough.

If a woman is not attracted "enough", it means you haven't done a good enough job of building the chemistry and rapport with her.

To build chemistry with a woman, remember to focus on the attraction by flirting, teasing, and acting like a challenge.

These three "pillars" can *really* make women like you!

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