How To Supercharge Your Smile

Today I'm going to teach you how to "supercharge" your smile and melt women with it.

Next time you smile at a woman, I want you to imagine you're gazing THROUGH her eyes and into her soul. As you make eye contact with her, I don't want you to just look at her eyes. I want you to actually look PAST her eyes.

The whole process should take place inside your head. (Obivously, you can't actually look "through" a woman physically unless you're superman with x-ray vision.) Don't squint your eyes or tense your eyes physically. Just keep everything relaxed and imagine gazing THROUGH her eyes as you smile at her.

This is the same technique actors use during interviews as they look at the camera. (They look PAST the camera and the person interviewing them.) It helps them focus and give off an illusion of SUPREME CONFIDENCE. (Even if they are really dying of stage fright inside.)

If you do this correctly, you'll be able to send out a mysterious force of sexual energy that can literally disarm a woman and make her think, "Damn. He's sexy!"

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