How To Build Rapport Through Your Body Language

Today I will show you how to build rapport with the ladies by mirroring your body language with theirs.

1. Choose an unimportant situation you don't get about.

Pick a situation where you don't care about the outcome at all, such as a casual conversation on the bus or a meeting with a friend of a friend.

2. Match the way they stand or sit.
As you talk to the person, pay attention to how they are sitting or standing. Adjust your posture until you are mirroring theirs. If they are leaning forward, lean forward just a little bit (but not too much). If they are leaning back, then relax and sink into your chair.

3. Match their energy.
Next, notice how expressive they are with their body language. For example, are they waving their arms around as they speak? Or are they holding still?

Mirror whatever they are doing. If they are using a lot of gesture, use a lot of gestures.

You will probably feel the rapport building up!

4. Mismatch on purpose
Now, try to mismatch your body language and energy level. Notice how this impacts the rapport you have been building.

5. Finally, go back to mirroring their body language and energy level. See how much rapport you regain.

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