You may or may not have heard of me. My name is Marius Panzarella and I am a dating coach. I've helped over 60,000 men across the world date the women of their dreams. I have helped men from age 16 to 65, from South Africa, Australia, England, France and Hong Kong to China, Russia, United States and Canada. No matter where you are from, how much money you make or how you look, I guarantee I can help you too.

What I'm trying to do with this course is to bring you out of Flatland and into the real world. Your beliefs have served you very well in the past, but they're also blocking you from success. Remember: in order to have the kind of success that you have never had before, you must first do things that you have never done before.

The best way to learn these new tactics would be to read the whole book from beginning to end. Try to digest and integrate the information into your own experience. Remember to practice often and if something isn't working out for you, then go back to the book and re-read the related topics again. Don't just read the book once and forget about it. As a matter of fact, don't stop reading my book until you feel you are absolutely positively using the techniques! Print it out, keep it on your bookshelf and come back to it often.

Here's my guarantee to you: If you spend the next 3 months working hard, everything will come to you naturally. You won't even have to think twice before you strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman. Whenever you hit a wall or feel discouraged...drop me an email and ask for some advice. I'll do my best to work everything out with you. Remember: your problems won't go away unless you tackle them. In time, you will be very successful in the dating game!