Dating Secrets Revealed: The Smart Dating Course

Dating Secrets Revealed: The Smart Dating Course

Marius Panzarella

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"I urge you to lock your door, read every word of this letter, and stay away from women until you've learned all of the dating secrets I am about to show you - because they are THAT important."

By Marius Panzarella, Web Dating Coach

It does not matter if you've never had success with women before. It does not matter if you're fat, bald, or ugly. It does not even matter if you're shy. Because once you've learned my dating secrets, you will see why a normal man such as yourself can become a lady killer. You will learn exactly what buttons you need to push to get a woman all hot and horny, so they will constantly fantasize about starting a relationship with you - even if you haven't talked to her for two weeks.

And with a virtually unlimited  supply of gorgeous woman waiting in-line, you will have complete control over your romantic life and experience all the fun and thrills you've always wanted.

Here's a short story for you...

My Secrets To Meeting Women
(And How YOU Can Share The Same Success)

A couple of nights ago, I went clubbing with a few buddies. I was just looking around when I saw this gorgeous woman chatting with a couple of her lady-friends. She looked in my direction and I smiled at her. She smiled back. I walked over and said a few words to her. Within 5 minutes I had her phone number. An hour later we were hugging and kissing outside the club.

Other guys hit on every woman they see, blow all their cash on drinks, dance till their feet are sore, and still go home all lonely and sad. I always just walk in, say a few words, and walk right back out with a beautiful young lady hanging by my side.

Keep in mind, I am not wealthy, good-looking or anything. I am just a regular guy like you. But it's not uncommon for me to go out for a few hours and come home with 2 or 3 phone numbers from attractive women I met down at the mall, coffee shop, supermarket, nightclub or just about anywhere. do I do it? And most important of all? How can YOU have the same success?

Let us begin by shattering a few myths...

Dating Myth #1: "Women Are Only Attracted To Jerks"

A common misconception about women is that they are only interested in “jerks”. Log onto any forum, and you will most likely see depressive posts written by computer geeks that whine about how “nice guys always finish last” and “girls only go for assholes”.

Don’t buy into this propaganda. These theories are just excuses for the poor love lives of frustrated, asexual guys that have been conditioned by their mothers and sisters to be “nice” to women. Their complaints are out of pure jealousy.

Listen: women don’t like “jerks”. They just like masculine men. The only advantage “jerks” have over “nice guys” is that “jerks” usually carry more traditional masculine traits. In short... acting like a jerk won't help you get women.

Why? Because women naturally respond to masculinity - just like we men naturally respond to femininity. Think about it, as a guy, would you like a masculine, lesbian dyke?

I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to do release the natural male charm within you so that you can become the masculine male every woman wants.

If you can follow some simple step-by-step instructions and work on developing the character, voice tone, and body language that masculine men have, then it's almost impossible for you to not increase your success rate with women...

Dating Myth #2: "Women Aren't As Sexual As Men"

A lot of guys have been poisoned by the media and by their own mothers to believe in the “nice guy culture”. Everybody on T.V says women want to find a “good man” they can love. "Relationship experts" and old-fashioned mommies tell guys they are supposed to control their sexual urges and pretend they want everything from women except sex.

But you know what? A few decades of talk shows and misinformation aren’t going to change 3.2 billion years of evolution. What women want today hasn’t changed much from what women wanted millions of years ago.

Don’t buy into the garbage that women don’t like sex. Talk to any attractive women, and you will see that the best-looking women always have REGULAR sex. In short... acting like a gay or asexual man won't help you get women.

To get in touch with her sexual state, you must use the three-step approach of dating: Emotions, Desire, and Action. 

I will show you how to calibrate a woman's emotions and make her feel comfortable and safe around you. Then you can arouse her curiosity and match her feelings with yours to create a bond. Next, you turn her feelings into desire and anchor onto her desire in order to amplify it. Finally, you take physical action and advance things to the next level.

(Note: You can repeat these steps over-and-over with every woman you meet.)

Dating Myth #3: "You Should Just 'Be Yourself"

We hear from women all the time that we should just “be ourselves” when we’re around the ladies, but what does “being yourself” mean?

For Mr. Average Joe, it means stuttering and sweating his palms and "freezing up" because he’s very nervous. (Not very attractive!)

So tell me, would you like to “be yourself” around women? Would you rather stutter and freeze in front of a beautiful woman, or would you rather be a confidant, masculine man who wins all the women’s hearts? Just "being yourself" won't help you get women!

Besides, most guys are NOT "being themselves" when they try to get women using "conventional" ways.

Think about what the “Average Joe” does when he meets Miss Right:

1) He tries to win her heart by sending her flowers and buying her gifts.
2) He tries to impress her by boasting about his own success and achievements.
3) He tries to please her by doing everything she wants.


Now... is Average Joe just "being himself" when he spends Php 2,500 or Php 5,000 on a woman in one evening? Or is he trying to be bribe the woman into falling in love with him? (Which never works, by the way...)

Here is the bottom line: There are many different ways of doing things - but some ways work better than others.

What you should do is learn the RIGHT way to approach women and dating. Instead of using the tactics that Mr. Average Joe uses to please a woman (which never work so well), learn to use the tactics that the "Lady Killer" uses to attract women.

There are many good "tactics" that you can use to attract women...

And I'm about to teach you all of them. (Keep reading.)

A Couple Of Months Ago...This Letter Caught My Attention
(You Should Thank The Guy Who Wrote This Email)

"Dear Marius. I would just like to thank you for writing the "Pick Up Handbook". It has really improved my love life for the better. However, I do have a small suggestion for you. Maybe you should come up with a more "complete" manual that covers everything from the "A to Z" of dating. I mean...although your "Pick Up Handbook" is really good, its still a "handbook". I think some of us would rather have a "complete" manual that teaches us everything we need to know about dating. - Gary."

And I thought...

What A Fantastic Idea!
(Thanks To Gary...You Can Start Attracting Women Now)

Over the last few months I've put together what I think is the most complete educational product on the Internet for DRAMATICALLY increasing your success with women. This is not just a flimsy ebook, but a comprehensive online course.

In this new "Dating Secrets Revealed: The Smart Dating System Course", I will show you secrets techniques that will totally blow you AWAY. These are proven techniques I have field-tested personally over the years. This will be your nonsense-free, one of a kind system you can use to successfully lure, attract and become intimate with beautiful women quickly, easily, and confidently.

So many of you have been asking me "Marius. Can you give me even more techniques and examples so I can see dramatic changes with my love life right away?" Well, here it is. Over 200 pages of never-been-released information on the fine art of meeting, seducing, and KEEPING beautiful women.

(If my simple techniques can help thousands of men across the world to date the beautiful women of their dreams, of course they can help you too!)

You Can See For Yourself...
(Here Is Just a Tiny Sampling Of The Topics Covered:)

How to make women think about you all the time - even if you haven't talked to her for days.

Here, I reveal some of my jealously guarded secrets and I'm swearing you to secrecy on these.

How to have all the power and control you can ever have in the dating game.

Not only you will learn how to stop beautiful women from taking away your power and "dominating you" until they get bored and leave you, you will also learn how to take power away from them.

Fool-proof pick up lines that actually work.

With my "4-step approach", you will be able to approach any woman with confidence and ease.

How to strip away the social conditioning of a woman and appeal to her most primitive thoughts so that she will feel a burning desire for you.

What to do when you feel you're losing power in a relationship and what you can do to get your power back. 

How to attract women with your body language alone.

Maximize the power of your sexual body language to turn women on unconsciously.

How to "slip under" a woman's defensive radars and have her attracted to you before she even knows what's going on.

This irresistible tactic will virtually eliminate all your problems with "resistance".

A detailed explanation of my powerful "flirt for skirt" technique and how you can use this concept to virtually get ANY girl you want.

You'll even get over 20 great flirting examples you can copy right away for instant success with women.

Secret places where women outnumber you 20 to 1. If you give out these secret spots to your buddies, we will have to kill you.

How to turn a "no" into a "yes".

What to do when a woman says, "I don't feel that way about you", "give me some time to think", or "I am not ready for a relationship right now."

How to attract beautiful women.

Discover why you see beautiful women with average-looking guys all the time, and how you can become one of these "lucky" guys with a fabulous girl hanging on your arm.

How to get woman to pick you up.

The five secrets about women you must know right away to put yourself in a "can't miss" position to succeed with beautiful women.

How to create sexual chemistry when there isn't any.

A list of tricks that you can use to build up the sexual chemistry so that women can't pass you up!

How to "disarm bitch-shields" and get hot women to chase you.

Exactly what to do and how to act in front of a truly beautiful women. See how you can stand out from most guys.

How to approach women...step-by-step.

This powerful four-step system can be used over and over, with every women you meet. 

How to get phone numbers and emails.

Triple your response rates with these "digit techniques" and "number rules". Don't blame me if your phone won't stop ringing.

How to improve your looks by over 250%.

Little things you can do right now to improve your looks in a woman's eyes.

How to make yourself irresistible.

An almost "magical" trait. Just add one single element to your character and watch women come to you. 

How to become the king of flirting and teasing.

Some of these moves are so good, you're going to laugh out loud for not thinking of them yourself!

Turn a woman on within minutes.

You're going to be amazed at how great this technique is when you have a woman breathing hard and "lost in another world". 

How to get a girl to become your girlfriend.

Don't ever try to ask someone to become your girlfriend until you've read these important tips.

How to win a woman's heart.

Learn all the little things you can do to give a woman those butterfly feelings on a first date.

How to seduce women easily.

How to take her from the first date to the bedroom, step-by-step.

How to have supreme confidence.

Use these powerful tactics to increase your confidence and charm overnight.

How to give women "mental orgasms".

Learn little things that can make your girl orgasm mentally with just words or your touch. 

How to make women beg you for sex.

This tactic is so powerful... you should only use it on women you really like. Otherwise, you might have a stalker!

How to become the "alpha male".

How to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make sexy women want to go home with you instead of the 97 other men who are asking her out!

How you can turn a "friend" into a "girlfriend".

Countless readers have asked me this question, and that's why I've devoted a whole section to it. Do not try to tell a friend you like her until you've read this chapter...your friendship is at stake!

How to prevent a breakup.

Many manuals out there teach you how to "seduce" women by lying to them, but mine is the only one that can work for both one-night stands and long-term relationships.

Learn how to keep your hot girlfriend "addicted" to you (without lying to her) so she will not dump you for the jerks! 

Women like to test guys to see if they are worthy enough to become their boyfriends. Let me show you how you can test women, before they even test you! 

How to stop feeling nervous around hot women.

If you're like most guys, then you probably do fine with "normal" chicks but get paralyzed when you're with a hot chick. Let me show you how to always feel confident around hot women! 

How to recognize 'buying signals' - how to tell if she's really interested in you.

This is a very important lesson. Does she like you, or is she playing you? Every guy should read this! 

How to pick up women without feeling embarrassed.

Have you ever choked up or don't know what to do when you came across a new woman? Well, never again! I will show you exactly what to do and say during the first crucial 60 seconds - without embarrassment!

How to bust her mind games.

Hot women like to play hard to get. Let me show you how to win in their own games! 

How to see if she's ready to be kissed.

A fail-proof test you can use right now to see if a woman is ready to be kissed or sexed!

How to keep a conversation going.

Don't you just hate those long "pauses" throughout a conversation? Let me show you how to keep a conversation flowing so she won't find you boring and mack another guy!

How to develop a deep, sex voice. This manual is the only manual out there that teaches you how to speak with a seductive voice! 

How to start a conversation.

How to start an engaging conversation so your girl will you're her soul mate!

How to make the girl you like want to fall for you.

So you've met the girl, dated the girl, and fallen for the girl. Let me show you how to get her and keep her! 

Let me show you exactly what to say, and how to say it!


You're Going To Be Blown Away...
(...When You Learn The Contents Of This Course)

This is by far the best and most extensive dating course ever created. And I'm not just saying that because I want you to buy it. Heck, if you don't buy it, it's your loss, not mine. This material is really head and shoulders above anything else out there.

It has taken me a lot of time to systematize everything and break it down into steps that every guy can follow. This isn't a course full of theories and confusing stuff, with thoughts all over the place. It's an actual "smart" dating system in step-by-step format that has been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked to work for everyone. If there was a monkey with a Grade 5 reading level, it could probably follow the steps and land itself a hot blonde!

I've really gathered everything you need to start attracting women now - literally a lifetime's worth of secrets and dating experience - in "Dating Secrets Revealed - The Smart Dating System."


So What Is This Worth To You?

You could spend years of frustration and lonesomeness or spend hundreds of dollars at bars and clubs trying to figure out these outrageously successful methods yourself. I could easily charge you Php 20,000, Php 15,000 or Php 10,000 and the information would still be worth every penny cause your lifetime happiness depends on it.

After all, a girlfriend is PRICELESS

The retail price for this course is Php 8,000. However, since I want to help anyone who wants to meet, attract and date beautiful women, I am going to make the book affordable to everyone. I am only going to charge you Php 5,000 for this amazing course information on how to attract the women of your dreams.

Why Php 5,000? It's simple...

Your tiny Php 5,000 investment in this invaluable resource is but a mere rain drop compared to the money and time you're going to waste on women you would otherwise never have a chance with. If you don't order this system, I am sure you will spend at least Php 5,000 on bad dates within the next 12 months.

It's a real bargain when you think that these tips and tactics will stay with for the rest of your life. Php 5,000 is nothing compared to what you might have to spend on strippers or a divorce.

It is affordable, but still priced high enough to weed out all the freebie seekers and naysayers. My time is valuable and I only want serious students. If you are not serious about meeting women, I hope you stay lonely for life so that your genes won't pass on.

My current students have urged me to raise the price because they feel our circle should be more exclusive. People have told me they would pay up to Php 5,000 for this information. One rich reader has even offered Php 26,000.

But today, for a very limited time, you can get it for just

PHP 299.00 only

This may be your last chance to get it at this discounted price. 

 You Really Can't Afford Not to Invest in This eBook A.S.A.P

(A Super Important Note...)

Listen. If you're serious about getting a girlfriend, then what's it worth to ensure that you don't waste the next year of your life? What's it worth to ensure that you don't waste hundreds of dollars on gifts and dinner on girls who are just using you? What's it worth to ensure you're not struggling to get dates and phone numbers...when other guys are asking out, dating or even marrying the girls who could have been yours for life?

With my carefully tested secrets, you'll see results within just days. Any ONE of my techniques, tips, or secrets could...



Your Downloads Are Secure And Discreet:
(So Go Ahead...Secure Your Copy...)

When you click on the BUY ME button above, you'll go to my secure order page for your paypal or credit/debit card information, or choose other payment options. As soon as you fill in your orders and settle the payment, you will immediately receive an email with the download link of the book as Adobe Acrobat PDF file - a standard format that can be read by both Windows and Mackintosh computers.

Your transaction will be 100% secure and discreetly billed/debited to you by your bank if you choose to pay through bank cards. Within the next five minutes, you could be learning how to meet, attract and date beautiful women.

One last thing...
After years of helping men in the dating game, I can tell you one important thing: If you don't step forward and get this part of your life handled right now, there's a very, very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future. You love life is never going to turn around and you're just going to make the same mistakes and bump into the same walls over and over again.

You know... part of being a man is to accept responsibility for your own actions. If you're serious about meeting women and getting a girlfriend, then there're really no excuses for letting this opportunity slip through your fingers. Don't be left out! Whether you're with the girl of your dream or still lonely and frustrated 3 months from now will be entirely up to you.

Before you go to bed tonight, really think this over:
How much would you pay to meet that special girl of your dream? Is Php 299 such a price to pay? You could waste much more then that buying women drinks and trying methods that don't work! If you want success with women, then you would accept this offer now and take charge of your romantic life already.
Do think about this real hard before you go out tomorrow night.

P.P.P.S: Think about it, even if you manage to get just one girl with my course, it will have paid itself many times over. So what are you waiting for? Order and start attracting women now!


Some Quotes From Past Readers:

"There are so many girls that like me now its hard to avoid them..."

"Thanks to your book, I got laid four times this week"

"This was a great book! The day after reading the book I got 2 numbers from two hotties. Once you read this book the women will be biting like crazy."

"My love life has been profoundly changed from reading this book. I used to always be the one who was home at night because I didn't have a date. Now I’m practically out every night on a date! Thank you for writing this wonderful book, without it my life would be so dull!"
- K. L. from Atlanta, Georgia

"In the past, I had trouble even making eye contact with women, much less talking to them. This book taught me how to do both those things and more. Now I'm filled with a newfound confidence; I even pick and choose who I want to strike up a conversation with. I would definitely recommend this book to any guy who wants to turn his social life around for the better."
- C.Y. from San Francisco, California

"Marius' new book is wonderful! I read it, and started taking his advice. By the end of the week, I had 10 phone numbers! Later on, I hooked up with one of the BEAUTIFUL women. Me and Amanda have been on 4 dates since. She's absolutely falling for me! It's great! Thanks Marius!"
- B. P. from Chicago, Illinois

“This is a wonderful book. I gained confidence immediately after reading it. It is short and simple and I was able to relate well with it. I gained new insights on how women work and this book truly does work! Not even two days after I read this book I had 3 dates lined up all for the same evening! It is simply amazing!”
- B.K. from Austin, Texas

"It is just unbelievable! I thought it was a bit fishy at first, but I finally decided to give it a try. In hours, I was totally transformed. I was once shy and never talked to anyone, especially girls, because I didn’t know what was the right way… Now I could speak in confidence with my new girlfriend and all the other girls around me."
- J. T. from San Francisco, California

"Awhile ago I purchased this product and was quite skeptical at first, until I started reading it and trying out the stuff in this book. It's been very accurate and I'm now dating a very beautiful blonde woman who I thought I would never have a chance with. I'm very proud with my purchase, and recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a better looking partner."
- B. J. from Phoenix, Arizona


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